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April 2002


about net art

Each net citizen has cultural self-determination and independence, regardless their social, political or ideological status.

Net citizen is a potential cultural athlete of internet world.

The internet world is a democratic world and it should remain a space of independent expression.

There is no equality and democracy, as far as the access of each citizen of analogical world into the internet world is concerned. I hope that this fact will be change soon.

Each stage of transfer from the analogical to internet world, includes dangers of exploitation for the potential net citizen. This point needs attention and particular concern.

I do not accept the transfer of elements of analogical world into the internet world, with the pretext of art work. The beautiful pictures and the interactive environments, do not certify an art work in internet cosmos on their own.

I accept as internet art work, each work that functions under the absolute and undoubted dynamics of expression of net citizen - as artistic author, only on the platform of the growth of internet.

I agree that today the internet world is still to be found in its infantile progress stage. The borrowing elements from the analogical world are essential for its progress. The absolute rejection of these elements will also give the sing for its adultness.

I do not accept the space and the time, as structural elements of determination of internet world. On the contrary, I accept these, as feigned and necessary elements of imposition from analogical world to digital cosmos.

I accept the digital technology as essential structure of work and platform of definition of internet cosmos. I expect the overlapping and the replacement of this idea.

I believe that the structural element of artistic expression in the internet cosmos, is the language of machine, as that leads to form the relations of net citizens into internet world. At the stage this language is transubstantiated and developed in its extensions, I also recognize the development of net art.

The growth of net communities is part of the development of internet cosmos. However, I accept these communities, only as part of a chaotically self-governed global city-state of internet world. I believe that the future net art will be the artistic expression based on this idea.

Future  net artist  will work under a universal philosophy opposite to the life of internet. Future net artist will conceptualize the internet and himself as one thing. The breaking into pieces of his perception in the fragments of world, is enemy of his artistic expression.

I believe that the accidental visitor of net art site is also the only one that can certify the artistic work in the internet. Net art cannot exist without this certification that results from the visit of net citizen to the site.

As soon as the artistic work leaves from the internet cosmos in order to be presented in the analogical world through other means (for example Compact Disk), I believe it is destroyed. I accept only the storage in stocking means out of network for archive or protection reasons.   

This philosophical opinion as results from this manifesto, as well as my artistic expression in the internet according to all mentioned above, I name it as “internet determinism”. Shortly, I expect that this opinion will soon find reasons and replies, positive and negative reactions, as a healthy symptom of the development of internet cosmos. 

Christos Prossylis

April 2002


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