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(line by line talk)

a Christos Prossylis' web performance in European Patent Office,

in Munich in Germany (June 22, 2004)


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04:50:39 test enters this room

04:50:48 -test: fgdfg

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05:39:20 -christos: Ela kale

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05:42:44 Antigone enters this room

05:42:45 >[Antigone] Welcome to our chat. Please obey the net etiquette while chatting: try to be pleasant and polite.

05:43:45 -CREON: Hello Anigoni

05:44:06 -Antigone: Xaire Kreovta

05:44:21 -CREON: Are you slistening to me?

05:44:29 -CREON: Are you talking to me??

05:44:55 -CREON: What sayest thou? What living man hath dared this deed

05:45:02 -Antigone: Yes I am indeed

05:45:45 -CREON: What profit knowing this wouldst thou obtain?

05:46:33 -CREON: Brothers by friendship, lady, not by birth.

05:46:56 -CREON: With just cause I Unhappy might be call'd.

05:47:11 -CREON: f xcfgklmj m sdlk pok sdkljvgmsd ojkp iojjkdlglkl

05:47:59 -Antigone: Is "Pour again" in the oracle? Is "Pour again" in the oracle? Is "Pour again" in the oracle? Is "Pour again" in the oracle? Is "Pour again" in the oracle? Is "Pour again" in the oracle? Is "Pour

05:48:24 -CREON: kopj alsek jiopoi <sepo tmn>EFm,rpIO IOGHP0SKGT8JLASL

05:48:45 -Antigone: Tell me, pray, what is that?



05:49:36 -CREON: Dying unknown, rude scoffs I shall avoid.

05:49:56 -CREON: body thou mayst kill, but not my name.

05:49:57 -Antigone: Oh! the fool! Your tripe! Do you see these tiers of people?

05:50:14 -CREON: Hu foriousa how are uo todaz sweetqwhart ??

05:50:22 -Antigone: I see them. What then?

05:50:29 -CREON: so what are you doing today then ??

05:50:54 -Antigone: What are we doing ,have we grasped the meaning of this?

05:51:08 -CREON: The question naught avails, since I must die.

05:51:23 -Antigone: No, but you are the one who is going to trade away all this. According to the oracle you must become the greatest of men.

05:51:27 -CREON: ydsfnmjydf gydfbmydf lsenm <sfklj a<seiji ika<fjkoposdnngksjudfju5c

05:51:46 -CREON: OK so why biot try something else? for a change`??

05:51:55 -Antigone: vI can shout too-and so loud that you will flee with fear

05:52:22 -CREON: I know it sounds kind of crazy but yozu cab't always rationaze thibngs in life ?

05:52:40 -CREON: jdfjbgk How are ou zoopahu n thenm ?

05:52:43 -Antigone: Who of the men would not fear of hte goblet of fire?

05:52:58 -Antigone: fkdjflfkhslkhoqihsjfhskjvfbesa

05:52:59 -CREON: Ever thought to try sothinghing dofferent??

05:53:12 -CREON: Or you think I am joking ??

05:53:22 -Antigone: I denounce this fellow; he has had tasty stews exported from Athens for the Spartan fleet.

05:53:29 -CREON: The illustrious Argos I my country boast.

05:53:59 -Antigone: I'll bawl three times as loud as you.

05:54:32 -Antigone: Will you not let me speak?

05:55:32 -Antigone: ldfgjsltijhsldkghslfkhylfa

05:55:46 -Antigone: φdfjgdφgljsrφdlgjsφfjsdφ

05:56:13 -Antigone: Once more, will you let me speak?

05:56:59 -Antigone: Because I know both how to speak and how to cook.

05:57:59 -Antigone: And I will watch in the bilges in case the boat should make water.

05:58:55 -CREON: The illustrious Argos I my country boast.

06:01:14 -Antigone: I know that you got ten talents out of Potidaea.

06:46:40 -Antigone: Of the world's sorrow is there one so lost?

06:52:37 -CREON: are you listening to me??


06:52:59 -CREON: ARE YOU??

06:54:13 -Antigone: yes

06:54:45 -CREON: OKI, talk to me at your peril !

09:46:15 CREON enters this room

09:51:21 -CREON: Hello, anybiody there??

09:51:28 -Antigone: You are an impostor.

09:51:32 -CREON: jjust anyone??

09:51:45 -CREON: OK, so what ??

09:52:52 -Antigone: Wasting my lamp of life till it be spent!

09:53:09 -CREON: Is there anybody listening ??

09:53:28 -Antigone: The lost, lost maid that roams earth's kingdoms wide?

09:53:32 CREON exits from this room

09:54:03 CREON enters this room

09:54:13 -CREON: :) :D :o :( ;) :p 8) :[ :kill:

09:54:48 -CREON: :D

09:54:57 -Antigone: Thou hast my story, and, if thou can'st tell

09:55:07 -CREON: Can you hear??

09:57:57 -Antigone: And blasts more dreadful that o'er-crow the thunder.

09:58:18 -CREON: Hello gyus , whwere are yopu ???

09:58:26 -Antigone: To whom? Explain!

09:58:34 -CREON: ` :D

09:58:54 -CREON: Gr g Hi , how are you ???

09:58:58 -Antigone: What are you mad at me?

09:59:09 -CREON: Wew are still waiting ??

09:59:20 -Antigone: I know that you got ten talents out of Potidaea.

09:59:33 -CREON: Are we still goinmg to work togethr or not ??

10:01:30 -Antigone: How dost thou know my father's name? Impart

10:01:34 -CREON: I think it a eh tine ++`?

10:01:46 -CREON: :(

10:01:51 -Antigone: Is it real or are we dreaming?

10:02:10 -Antigone: I know that you got ten talents out of Potidaea.

10:02:13 -CREON: OK, let's have a look to dfind anyone who likes the stuff ?

10:02:31 -CREON: OK; gyus, come on ? : GBNM M;iop m `

10:02:47 -Antigone: Hopefully there is someone who could follow our idea

10:02:49 -CREON: so , are you interested in aany of this ?

10:03:08 -Antigone: Sometimes I think that it is too complicated

10:03:10 -CREON: :kill:

10:03:41 -CREON: OK, I think I liiked this !

10:03:43 -Antigone: The things to come?

10:03:53 -CREON: Good looks good om telloy !

10:04:17 -CREON: Let's have anothre rone shall we?

10:04:52 -CREON: Come on guys, are you listening to us ??

10:04:53 -Antigone: And you are a rogue.

10:05:16 -CREON: How abiout one more time ??

10:05:21 -Antigone: Who knows if anyone id listening to what we are doing?

10:05:30 -CREON: :o

10:05:35 -Antigone: Do you want me to sing again?

10:05:46 -CREON: I kniow this is my favourite :kill: ι

10:06:04 -CREON: I got him !!

10:06:12 -Antigone: That's just what I'm doing.

10:06:24 -CREON: Here are the iron bracelets for his arms.

10:06:40 -CREON: Harder-I say-strike harder-screw all tight

10:06:44 -Antigone: The important thing is that I have beaten the Senate.

10:07:05 -CREON: This forearm's fast: a shackle hard to shift

10:07:26 -CREON: Ya, looks good to me !!! :kill:

10:07:26 -Antigone: The throne of all the worlds

10:07:46 -CREON: Brilliant !

10:10:43 -CREON: One more good one ``

10:10:44 -Antigone: Was it good what do you think?

10:11:00 -CREON: :D

10:11:12 -CREON: :)

10:11:26 -Antigone: Are they understand what we doing are is it all Chinese to them?

10:11:26 -CREON: :(

10:11:55 -CREON: Yes, <I think it is now time !!

10:11:56 -Antigone: No way to parry this strong stroke of fate?

10:12:15 -CREON: Come on, move on fasκr ?!

10:12:32 -CREON: Naso, are you there mate ? nmjhg

10:12:46 -Antigone: Once more, will you let me speak?

10:12:55 -CREON: :kill:

10:13:19 -Antigone: I don't know if it is time to have one more go¦

10:13:25 -CREON: good, that's my type opf game, how about yours??

10:13:57 -CREON: Without question. Go, ninny, blow yourself out with water :kill:

10:14:08 -Antigone: Yes I think I can handle this

10:14:28 -Antigone: I will die sooner.

10:14:37 -CREON: Much. But bring it to me, while I take my seat :D , :(

10:15:09 -CREON: Good, this is acxactlxy the effect I wanmted to create :kill:

10:15:31 -CREON: Tell me, what is the Paphlagonian doing now?

10:15:53 -CREON: I do nio tknow, have you got any clues ??

10:15:55 -Antigone: I will resist

10:16:17 -Antigone: No further, but to your importunacy

10:16:20 -CREON: Take it and offer a libation to your Good Genius. :( , 8

10:16:33 -Antigone: All things which ye-desire to learn reveal.

10:16:41 -CREON: 8)

10:17:08 -CREON: Nai, that's exactly what we need now, so Tell me, what is it?

10:17:10 -Antigone: Very well

10:17:43 -CREON: How loudly the Paphlagonian farts and snores!

10:18:00 -CREON: Jus eright +? _

10:18:11 -CREON: :kill: +

10:18:13 -Antigone: I dont know how we are getting on

10:18:36 -CREON: Gotchya 8)

10:18:53 -CREON: Allora, OK ? 8(

10:18:53 -Antigone: That was very convincing I must say

10:19:08 -CREON: 8) Or is it ?

10:19:25 -Antigone: Even though you gorged yourself on sea-dogs, you would not beat the Milesians.

10:19:26 -CREON: Well! what says the oracle?

10:19:43 -CREON: Good enough, ist't it ?

10:19:53 -Antigone: Again they come, again

10:22:29 -Antigone: Is not the only ruler of the Gods

10:22:34 -CREON: Come to me ! Will you ??

10:22:40 -Antigone: Where is everyone?

10:22:47 -CREON: :kill:

10:23:04 -Antigone: I will tan your hide.

10:23:10 -CREON: There we are , you are DEAD ?

10:23:43 -CREON: A load of toil and a light mind withal. :killo:

10:23:56 -Antigone: What is the most important here,have we undersood?

10:24:08 -CREON: Try again :kill:

10:24:19 -CREON: good 8)

10:24:36 -Antigone: Oh Creon just tell me the truth

10:24:45 -CREON: Excellent, so how is your day going ?

10:25:05 -Antigone: deep the mystery thou shroudest there

10:25:15 -CREON: And how about your mother ha ??

10:25:40 -CREON: But how if I am galled by thine offence?

10:25:51 -Antigone: Where are the others,still not here

10:26:02 -CREON: Beware lest thou through pity come to broils.

10:26:12 -Antigone: I still dont understand why

10:26:31 -Antigone: Highest of mountains, where the foaming river

10:26:42 -CREON: :kill: Think not that I for pride and stubbornness

10:27:10 -CREON: so how are things dearest ?

10:27:27 -CREON: Showed them, and when they set, though much obscure.

10:27:40 -Antigone: Thy journey's end. First towards the rising sun

10:27:46 -CREON: Of all inventions, I for them devised,

10:28:09 -Antigone: What wilt thou do when thou hast heard in full

10:28:35 -CREON: Thy sufferings have been shameful, and thy mind

10:28:36 -Antigone: The thirteenth generation shall beget.

10:28:53 -CREON: Naso my friend ??

10:29:14 -CREON: Are you listening to me ??

10:31:35 -Antigone: These maidens being thine own father's kin.

10:31:40 -CREON: vhe oracles of the gods flatter me! Faith

10:31:43 -Antigone: Are we all here?

10:31:51 -CREON: :kill: , :kill:

10:31:55 -Antigone: Indeed still

10:32:14 -CREON: Good man, you got him !!

10:32:18 -Antigone: Well done! Forge on, if he be a wheelwright.

10:32:33 -CREON: Who will be my ally? ghhj

10:32:50 -Antigone: Why isnt anyone to talk to,why have I been left on my own

10:32:56 -Antigone: ?

10:33:03 -CREON: You will have a thousand brave Knights, who detest him, on your side; ya baby heah !

10:33:07 -Antigone: :)

10:33:24 -CREON: Oh! mercy! here comes the Paphlagonian!

10:33:26 -Antigone: :!

10:33:54 -CREON: 8) , :kill: , :L), :(

10:33:56 -Antigone: Oh! by Heracles! I will tan your hide.

10:34:17 -Antigone: :}

10:34:21 -CREON: By the twelve gods! Woe betide you, who have too long been conspiring against

10:34:49 -Antigone: Welcome, oh, dearest and bravest of men!

10:34:59 -CREON: And now, what my good friend ?

10:35:30 -CREON: What! are you for running away? Come, come, stand firm

10:35:34 -Antigone: Oh! Oh!

10:36:18 -Antigone: I was bred from my earliest days

10:36:38 -CREON: Oh, So where are the other gyus then ? Have you seen any of them yet ?

10:36:38 -Antigone: And so we are getting on,how wanderful the life canbe

10:37:01 -CREON: Strike, strike the villain, who has spread confusion amongst the ranks

10:37:04 -Antigone: No unfortunately havent seen anyone

10:37:38 -CREON: Naso my good frind ?

10:37:44 -CREON: NASO ?


10:38:00 -Antigone: Thanks to my skill, I know exactly how to enlarge or contract this gullet.

10:38:13 -Antigone: Where is everyone?

10:38:22 -CREON: naso idiot ? ! where are you mate ?

10:38:31 -Antigone: Where is Priamos,I am still waiting for Priamos to come

10:38:51 -CREON: Oh! veteran Heliasts, brotherhood of the three obols,

10:42:10 -CREON: WE WiLL BE BACK

10:42:18 -Antigone: We'll be back

10:42:20 -CREON: SOON !!!!

10:42:37 -Antigone: Just wait for us in a few minuties

11:24:49 PRIAMOS enters this room

11:26:17 -PRIAMOS: Hello Antigone!!!

11:27:58 -PRIAMOS: Antigone> hello .....

11:28:43 PRIAMOS exits from this room

12:30:38 -CREON: PRIAMOS> hello

12:30:59 -CREON: sorry because we are late

12:31:19 -CREON: priameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

12:31:43 -CREON: PRIAMOS> priaaammeeeeeeeee.... go to defult

12:32:16 -CREON: go to default chat room....

12:32:23 CREON exits from this room

12:33:45 CREON enters this room

12:35:19 -CREON: Priameeeeee ????

12:36:35 -CREON: Poy eisai re Priame kai se xasam kai se petghymisame ????

12:37:24 -CREON: PRIAME ?????????????????

12:37:40 -CREON: My friend Priame where are you ??

12:37:52 -CREON: Are you with me ??

12:38:01 -Antigone: Priame its me Antigone you know

12:38:07 -CREON: Come on mate, come on !!

12:38:32 CREON exits from this room

12:38:58 CREON enters this room

12:39:10 -CREON: :) :D :o :( ;) :p 8) :[ :kill:

12:39:15 -Antigone: I could not sit elsewhere; it is at the Pnyx that you must appear before me.

12:39:50 -Antigone: Hallooooooooooo Priameeeeeeeeee

12:40:21 -Antigone: Respecting none? First, being himself a God,

12:41:26 -Antigone: Fleeing pollution of unlawful marriage

12:41:43 -CREON: Keleeeeee??????

12:41:45 -Antigone: Were long to tell, nor would it profit thee.

12:41:50 -CREON: ddddddddd

12:42:10 -Antigone: Are we sure we are doing the right thing?

12:42:18 -CREON: who set forth against our land by reason of the vexed claims

12:42:46 -CREON: For Zeus utterly abhors the boasts of a proud tongue;

12:43:01 -Antigone: What wilt thou do when thou hast heard in full

12:43:17 -CREON: Yet I would have thee know that o'er-stubborn spirits :kill:

12:43:22 -Antigone: And ye have heard, even as ye desired,

12:43:58 -Antigone: How fitly to refuse; and at your wish

12:44:00 -CREON: Hello antigini darling, how is your day ??

12:44:23 -CREON: Darling, I had the most brilliant day ever, did you ??

12:44:37 -Antigone: Why does it feel so weird?Have you ever thought?

12:45:18 -CREON: No more, indeed; having that, I have all.

12:45:23 -Antigone: Indeed the day was exciting and it has not ended yet

12:45:38 -CREON: And art thou not ashamed to act apart from them? :kill:

12:45:53 -Antigone: I have the true of life with me and no more I want

12:46:08 -CREON: OK, we are in business, Primaeeeeeee ?????????

12:46:20 -Antigone: Everything is reality and all we need is to believe in it right?

12:46:43 -Antigone: I have to go on working

12:46:47 -CREON: Primae you are like taxis! You are never there when we need you !!

12:47:07 -CREON: So come out and talk to us NOW ++

12:47:14 -Antigone: Harrows my soul; this winter's tale of wrong,

12:47:35 -CREON: Oh! veteran Heliasts, brotherhood of the three obols, 8(

12:47:38 -Antigone: Oh hide not from me what I have to suffer!

12:47:43 -CREON: Oh! veteran Heliasts, brotherhood of the three obols, 8)

12:48:02 -Antigone: To know thy sorrows! List I and thou shalt learn.

12:48:05 -CREON: A ah, hthere you are ! FINALLY !!

12:48:23 -Antigone: Priamos has never come back


12:48:54 -Antigone: Who is there,have you found Priamos?

12:48:56 -CREON: :kill:

12:49:13 -CREON: Yeah baby, yeah !

12:49:36 -CREON: IOK Primae, come oput mate, we need you NOW, COME OUT !!

12:50:39 -CREON: I have but now ceased mourning for my griefs.

12:51:03 -CREON: IO Oh hide not from me what I have to suffer!

12:51:59 -CREON: A marriage he shall make shall vex him sore. :kill:

12:51:59 -Antigone: And unto thee, Prometheus, am I come,

12:52:13 -CREON: 8) , 9(

12:52:14 -Antigone: And know that for thy grief my heart is sore;

12:52:26 -CREON: Primae, are you ciomiung out mate ??

12:52:35 -Antigone: But take care! Let him not assume the attack,

12:52:43 -CREON: COME OUT YOU ??

12:52:52 -Antigone: I think we are getting to it or isnt that right?

12:52:57 -CREON: Naso, are you listening mate ??

12:53:05 -Antigone: Who should come out and why?

12:53:08 -CREON: where about are you toninght ??


12:54:02 -CREON: We fell in flight: but others, if one flies

12:54:27 -CREON: Arrived on this inhospitable shore.

12:54:56 -CREON: Whose wild, inhospitable wave,

12:55:18 -Antigone: Ah! by Demeter! I was not ignorant of this plot and these machinations that were

12:55:28 -CREON: Lady, whoe'er thou art, why for these things :kill:

12:55:33 -Antigone: A friend more faithful than Oceanus.

12:55:44 -Antigone: Is there to find?Or not?

12:55:46 -CREON: Dying unknown, rude scoffs I shall avoid.

12:55:58 -CREON: Antigoni darling ???

12:56:04 -Antigone: Is there anyone out there?I think they have left us alone

12:56:12 -Antigone: What do you do thnk'

12:56:21 -CREON: Are you anywhere close to me ??

12:56:28 -Antigone: I think this is the best way of thinking it

12:56:39 -CREON: OK, talk to me than don't be SHY !

12:56:43 -Antigone: To gaze upon my woes? How could'st thou leave

12:56:56 -CREON: My body thou mayst kill, but not my name.

12:56:58 -Antigone: But thou, not yet brought low by suffering

12:57:14 -Antigone: Thou are a better counsellor to others

12:57:16 -CREON: The question naught avails, since I must die.

12:57:36 -CREON: The illustrious Argos I my country boast. 8

12:57:51 -CREON: The illustrious Argos I my country boast. 8)

12:57:55 -Antigone: A mighty boon thou gavest there to man.

12:58:31 -CREON: Oh citizens! oh people! see how these brutes are bursting my belly.

12:58:54 -CREON: And I denounce him; he runs into the Prytaneum with an empty belly and comes

12:59:13 -CREON: You are travelling the right road to get killed

12:59:40 -CREON: I will deafen you with my yells.

12:59:43 -Antigone: And be the dog that licks the foot of power!

12:59:53 -CREON: Dog, I will lay your back open with the lash.

13:00:06 -Antigone: Are we still alive ,are we still active what can we do more than this?

13:00:22 -CREON: Priame we miss you, come out or else ??

13:00:28 -Antigone: We shall go on,show must go on

13:00:37 -Antigone:

13:00:43 -CREON: Antigone, are you ready for me tonight ??

13:00:52 -Antigone: .}

13:00:54 -CREON: :kill:

13:01:15 -CREON: Yeah baby, yeah !!!

13:01:56 -CREON: Of two gifts thou hast asked one shall be thine.

13:02:09 -CREON: I will resist

13:02:24 -CREON: No further, but to your importunacy

13:02:37 -CREON: Naso ???=??

13:03:04 -CREON: Nay, she has heard the last of her long journey.

13:03:22 -CREON: Again they come, again

13:03:35 -CREON: The fury and the pain!

13:03:50 -CREON: True marriage is the union that mates

13:03:54 -Antigone: Is not the only ruler of the Gods

13:04:05 -Antigone: You are talking all of yourself

13:04:17 -CREON: Touklaxiston den tragoudame kanenan Tsttsani leo ego ??

13:04:28 -CREON: xatyidaki mipos ??

13:04:29 -Antigone: I liked that one,sometimes I am sort of breath but I manage

13:04:50 -CREON: Naso file mou pou eisai ????

13:05:30 -CREON: NASO pu briskesai ????? NASO ??????

13:05:36 -CREON: :kill:

13:05:41 -Antigone: I liked that,sometimes I am sort of breath but I manage fine at the end

13:05:51 -CREON: Should he who earns his bread look for a bride.

13:06:07 -Antigone: Thou dost cryout, fetching again deep groans:

13:06:13 -CREON: Therefore, grave mistresses of fate,

13:06:41 -CREON: So darling, wghere are you tonuihgt ?? are my eeyes deceive me ??

13:06:51 -Antigone: Is it proper or are we out of limits

13:06:54 -CREON: :kill:

13:07:03 -Antigone: With nice discrimination I defined;

13:07:06 -CREON: Homeless and husbandless by Hera's hate.

13:07:22 -CREON: I tell thee that the self-willed pride of Zeus

13:07:31 -Antigone: But shuddering I behold thee

13:07:49 -Antigone: So then Zeus is of lesser might than these?

13:07:50 -CREON: Prime, sorry mate but you are utotalφlφy and utterly usless +++

13:08:10 -CREON: For his own ruin; yea, a wonder, strong

13:08:25 -CREON: Priame 8) +++

13:08:28 -Antigone: Look out, look out! Come outfence him with some wheelwright slang.

13:08:42 -CREON: Methinks the wish is father to the thought

13:08:55 -Antigone: I will leave them here.

13:09:13 -CREON: What should I fear who have no part 8)

13:09:26 -CREON: Why let him if he will

13:09:41 -CREON: These marriage-feasts of thine, whereof thy tongue

13:09:42 -Antigone: Ah where are you Priameeeeee?

13:09:59 -CREON: WAKE UP PRIAME !!!!!!!!

13:10:06 -CREON: OR ELSE !!

13:10:13 -CREON: These marriage-feasts of thine, whereof thy tongue

13:10:28 -Antigone: You should have been here to see how far we have gone

13:10:32 -CREON: A very solemn piece of insolence

13:10:47 -CREON: I would my enemies might hold such revels

13:10:59 -Antigone: I think Creon should you take drastic measures for this

13:11:15 -CREON: Come on you stuopid, come out if you dare !!!!!

13:11:43 -CREON: :kill: , :kill: , :kill: , ? !!!

13:11:52 -Antigone: How distracted I have been during

13:11:59 -CREON: This proves thee stark mad!

13:12:19 -CREON: Dearest Naso,k wheer are you mate ???

13:12:49 -CREON: I will make you drop your arrogance,

13:13:12 -CREON: I will cut you to shreds if you whisper a word.

13:13:34 -CREON: I admit I'm a thief; that's more than you do.

13:13:52 -CREON: I know your tricks;

13:13:58 -Antigone: In what way, please?

13:14:11 -CREON: Just hear what sort of fellow that fine citizen is.

13:14:24 -CREON: Will you not let me speak?

13:14:25 -Antigone: Is then Demos your property, your contemptible creature?

13:14:44 -CREON: Nasτ dear where are you ????

13:14:46 -Antigone: My arse is just as clever.

13:14:54 -CREON: speak or else !! 8)

13:15:09 -CREON: Come out you nast piece !!

13:15:16 -Antigone: That was so and so but I am not worried Creon, what do you think?

13:15:28 -CREON: You traitor, you are never here when we need you ????

13:16:10 -CREON: Once more, will you let me speak?

13:16:20 -Antigone: The well-streaked liver-lobe and gall-bladder.

13:16:32 -CREON: I will die sooner.

13:17:30 -Antigone: What shall we perceive from what we are experiencing here?

13:19:06 -Antigone: And the long chine, I led men on the road

13:19:07 -CREON: I will die sooner.

13:19:40 -Antigone: Brass, iron, silver, gold, who dares to say

13:20:03 -CREON: With insolence. How else should it be answered?

13:20:20 -CREON: I would my enemies might hold such revels

13:20:34 -Antigone: What arts, what aids I cleverly evolved.

13:20:45 -CREON: Bre Naso pou briskesai ??????

13:21:59 -CREON:

13:23:03 -CREON: So dear how are things going ?????

13:23:14 -Antigone: These by their nature fair and favourable,

13:23:20 -CREON: Not bad, eh ???

13:23:36 -CREON: Mad as you please, if hating

13:23:56 -Antigone: By flight of all the greater crook-clawed birds

13:24:02 -CREON: Ellines, de

13:24:19 -CREON: Alas, that Zeus knows not that word, Alas!

13:24:32 -Antigone: All manner of arts men from Prometheus learned.

13:25:07 -CREON: What good can come of this? Think yet again!

13:25:17 -Antigone: Shoot not beyond the mark in succouring man

13:25:29 -CREON: Patience! patience! thou rash fool :kill:

13:25:41 -Antigone: Hide me in earth, to deep-sea monsters fling,

13:25:52 -CREON: Lo, I am rockfast, and thy words are wave

13:26:10 -CREON: I have talked much, yet further not my purpose;

13:26:37 -CREON: For thou art in no whit melted or moved

13:27:04 -CREON: New to the harness thou dost back and Plunge.

13:27:20 -CREON: SO dear, where are you ????

13:27:29 -Antigone: Naming by all their old, unhappy names,

13:27:36 -CREON: Come out to me if you can see ??

13:27:46 -Antigone: The hollow shape-Argus-that evil thing-

13:27:53 -CREON: The words of Hermes fail not of the mark.

13:28:07 -Antigone: Well at least we have people who are interested in what we are doing

13:28:15 -CREON: Therefore, since suffering is the due :kill:

13:28:28 -Antigone: From the deep place

13:28:31 -CREON: More than a little touched;

13:28:49 -CREON: Priame, tha ertheis katholou ????

13:28:52 -Antigone: Of earth that hath his bones he breaketh bound,

13:29:16 -CREON: So dearest, why you are not coming to us ????

13:29:32 -CREON: If thou must counsel me; nor seek

13:29:33 -Antigone: We are getting there

13:29:53 -CREON: To uproot mine honour. Dost thou dare

13:31:17 -Antigone: Silence! stop your abuse! All too long have I been your dupe.

13:31:25 -CREON: Hide me in earth, to deep-sea monsters fling flashes

13:32:03 -Antigone: :)

13:33:02 -CREON: Hence! lest the bellowing thunderblast

13:33:16 -Antigone: But, dear sir, never you believe all he tells you

13:37:12 -CREON: your voicie envelops the environment

13:38:15 -CREON: Flashes are flying - of what?

13:40:03 -Antigone: All glory to you! Let us burst into shouts of joy!

13:41:21 -CREON: 4tnjth,k7io.

13:41:44 -CREON: Words which might work persuasion speak

13:42:16 -CREON: :kill:

13:42:35 -CREON: :-)

13:43:15 -Antigone: All glory to you! Let us burst into shouts of joy!

13:43:15 -CREON: 8)

13:43:27 -CREON: .)

13:43:40 -CREON: :)

13:43:50 -Antigone: The story is worth hearing

13:43:56 -CREON: 8)

13:44:36 -CREON: hey dwhich story are u talking abt?

13:45:19 -CREON: hello...there?

13:45:23 -Antigone: May Zeus who all things swayeth

13:45:59 -Antigone: The salt sea-sand!

13:46:01 -CREON: welll...thinkl it's nice but don't get it

13:46:46 -CREON: u're a bit slow replying...

13:47:04 -Antigone: How should I hear thee not?

13:47:31 -CREON: well...the want u fancy hearing it...

13:48:14 -Antigone: Of the world's sorrow is there one so lost?

13:48:57 -CREON: my god...can't u just make a bit sense

13:49:57 -Antigone: We approach dada in this moment

13:50:16 -CREON: totally fabulous...or abstract...if I may take ur words

13:50:46 -CREON: no comment...I do excuse ur French

13:50:49 -Antigone: Antigone could even foresee dada in her old Greek days

13:52:32 -Antigone: A stormy sea of wrong and ruining.

13:53:04 -Antigone: Poseidon should calm down the rough sea

13:54:14 -Antigone: A prophecy oracularly dark ? No, indeed not.

13:55:54 CREON exits from this room

13:56:12 CREON enters this room

13:56:42 -CREON: I am here

13:56:45 -Antigone: Antigone welcomes Creon

13:57:38 -Antigone: Creon, it takes you long to reply my welcome

13:57:54 -CREON: gfhgfhfhfh

13:59:27 -CREON: Because I know both how to speak and how to cook.

14:00:21 -Antigone: Should this hinder you replying in the appropriate way?

14:00:36 -Antigone: And there shall Zeus restore to thee thy mind

14:01:17 -CREON: I will make you drop your arrogance,

14:02:07 -Antigone: This shall set me free?

14:04:04 -CREON: Boo, hoo! boo, hoo! boo, hoo! boo, hoo! boo, hoo! boo, hoo!!

14:05:05 -Antigone: You should focus on the classical language when taking part in this performance?

14:06:04 -CREON: But how to do it! Can you suggest anything?

14:06:26 -Antigone: the wish And the accomplishment go hand in hand.

14:07:05 -CREON: No, you begin. I cede you the honour.

14:08:25 -Antigone: Dost thou blame me For thy misfortunes?

14:10:51 -CREON: The best thing we can do for the moment is to throw ourselves at the feet of the statue of some god.

14:11:52 -Antigone: This is an excellent idea. Which God might we prefer for our future life and welfare?

14:12:27 -CREON: What proof have you?

14:14:02 -Antigone: I long ago have thought and long ago Determined. What do you mean with your word.

14:15:23 -CREON: I'm not convinced it is. But to pass on

14:16:10 -Antigone: Prometheus did choose Hermes - this is a perfect choice I suppose.

14:19:20 -CREON: There's nothing wrong with that, and we might ask them to show us by their manner, whether our facts and actions are to their liking.

14:20:14 -Antigone: I agree with this idea, since Hermes appears to be important for our daily good luck.

14:22:14 -Antigone: Who should approach The Majesty of This God For Merchandise?

14:24:25 -CREON: you

14:25:18 -Antigone: thy mind To a right judgment in thy present troubles - I should do

14:26:40 -Antigone: Hermes, we, i.e. Creon and me pray to you for our positive fortune and outocme, do you hear?

14:28:38 -CREON: what temple they all want to go to Havana

14:29:33 -Antigone: What a phantastic idea. There remains only the question, how to come there

14:31:17 -CREON: The horses are gone so let go by bycicle .

14:32:03 -Antigone: By bycicle over the sea - This seems difficult to me

14:33:08 -CREON: so we better swim and live the

14:33:44 Antigone: Always the same question - be a human or to be near a God













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