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(mirror site: CulturalOlympiad.com)

The web site CulturalOlympics.com is a net-art project by Greek artist Christos Prossylis, for the art exhibition

Far-Near-Centre: Twelve Positions in contemporary Greek art

organised by the  European Patent Office, in Munich, Germany (June-September 2004).

The post modern position of net citizen, can validate a domain name as art: a domain name and the copyright under a domain name expression, could be net art. This is the CulturalOlympics.com: an international domain name as art work; a virtual cultural domain name, which confirm itself as art work into internet chaotic universe. 

So, I place the domain name CulturalOlympics.com in a virtual stand and I say: this is net art. 

Christos Prossylis

April 2002


Copyright 2000-2011: Christos Prossylis






Far-Near-Centre: Twelve Positions in contemporary Greek art

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